Celebrating another victory for prosthetics and orthotics, the major online footwear retailer announces their newest feature for customers.

You can now buy a single sandal or sneaker from Zappos, or even mixed size pairs of running shoes. It’s part of a push by the online retailer to cater to shoppers who naturally have different sized feet, as well as those with prosthetics, which can create a need for mixed sized shoes.

Initially, Zappos, which is owned by Amazon (AMZN), will offer the option for six brands — Nike, BILLY Footwear, Converse, PLAE, Stride Rite, and New Balance. The shoes will be available beginning Tuesday in all size and widths, from toddler to adult, and they range in price from $17.50 to $85.

The news comes at a time when the market for footwear designed to meet the needs of people with disabilities and specific health conditions is growing. It is expected to reach $10.6 billion by 2024, up from $8 billion in 2020, according to market research firm Coresight Research.

Zappos already sells an assortment of shoes for people with disabilities or dexterity issues, with features like zippers around the front or back for easy access to put on or take off the shoes.

“But we’ve been getting many requests over the years from people asking us if we can also sell them a single shoe or different sized pairs,” said Dana Zumbo, business development manager with Zappos Adaptive, the company’s program that caters to shoppers with disabilities.

With more options and a variety of styles to choose from, picking the right shoe has never been easier.

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