woman with lower limb orthotic pushing a strollerAt P&O Care, we want you to enjoy the lifestyle you want!

But we recommend a few tips to best care for your prosthesis while maintaining an active, healthy lifestyle.

Most devices are not designed for full submersion in water. While splashing water or rain should not damage your device, there are some devices that are specifically made for water activities. If you do get your device wet, it should be cleaned and dried thoroughly before you reapply it. If not dried properly, the components may mildew or corrode.

We do not recommend that you shower in your everyday prosthesis. Water can corrode the metal components. The best devices to use for water are those designed for specific activities such as swimming and bathing.

Types of Shoes
Most styles of shoes can be worn as long as they comfortably fit both the brace and your foot.

Often, tennis shoes are the preferred shoe for initial gait training with a prosthesis. The specialists at P & O Care are trained to help you select proper footwear and prosthesis or orthosis. It is also important to choose comfortable footwear as it is not recommended to walk barefoot.

Many people can still drive with a prosthesis. Here are a few options for safety and mobility:

  • Hand controls: easy to use, great for bilateral amputees
  • Accelerator Switch: often removable

Some patients are able to drive manual vehicles, however automatic vehicles are recommended.

If there are specific activities, such as sports or dancing, that you wish to participate in we will do everything possible to fit those into your life. Be sure to discuss it with your P & O Care Practitioner so the correct suggestions or adjustments can be made. We have three locations to serve you best. Click here for contact information.