Whether you have been wearing a prosthesis for years or are facing limb loss for the first time, we can help.

As specialists in upper extremity and lower extremity prosthetic solutions, P&O Care Ottobock.care is an industry leader in developing personalized treatment plans, maximizing functionality, and fabricating custom devices.

Our prosthetists are dedicated to taking the time to understand your lifestyle, mobility goals and medical needs in order to develop a solution that works best for you.


Interscapular Thoracic Amputation

Shoulder Disarticulation

Transhumeral Amputation

Elbow Disarticulation

Transradial Amputation

Wrist Disarticulation

Partial Hand Amputation

standing woman with arm prosthetic


standing man with lower leg prosthetic

Hemicorporectomy / Translumbar amputation

Hemipelvectomy Amputation

Hip Disarticulation

Transfemoral Amputation

Knee Disarticulation

Transtibial Amputation

Symes Amputation (Ankle)

Partial Foot Amputation

The Prosthetics Team

Fitting Timeline


8-12 Weeks
When your incision line is FULLY healed and swelling is stable, the fitting process begins.


3+ weeks
Custom cast of your limb is taken, the fit is confirmed and you take final device home.


2+ weeks
Work with a physical therapist to learn how to work with your prosthesis.

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Whether you’re faced with limb loss, need a brace, or are advocating for a patient, P&O Care Ottobock.care has built a community of care professionals and supportive peers that are committed to innovative and custom orthotic and prosthetic solutions.

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