The P&O Care team is committed to providing you with readily available resources to ensure you meet your goals. In collaboration with your care team, we aim to offer clear direction with measurable goals and metrics; skills, training and education; coaching and feedback; and encouragement to improve your quality of life.

Patient Care Teams

doctors and nurses collaboratingWe work closely with case managers, therapists and physicians to develop a customized treatment plan for our patients.

P&O Care is dedicated to fostering relationships and facilitating comprehensive rehabilitative care for each patient. Our team will coordinate with all members of a patient’s healthcare team to ensure he or she is on the path to achieving positive outcomes.

We routinely assist with all aspects of a patient’s care by communicating and collaborating with:

  • surgeons, specialty physicians and family doctors
  • nurse practitioners, physician assistants and other clinical professionals
  • physical therapists, occupational therapists and other rehabilitation specialists
  • insurance claim agents, case managers and other administrative officers
  • family members, friends and caregivers

Our practitioners are always willing to answer questions, provide consultations, offer resources and build collaborative relationships with all members of our community. Please never hesitate to contact us to learn more about the personalized care our team is ready to provide!

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How Can We Help?

Our practitioners are experts in upper and lower extremity care. Whether you’re faced with limb loss, experience decreased mobility, or are advocating for a patient, P&O Care’s team of seasoned professionals are committed to providing innovative and custom orthotic and prosthetic solutions.