For many people, driving offers a level of independence. With some modifications, many people with lower extremity amputees are able to drive with a prosthesis. While the prosthetic ankles and feet do not provide sensory (feeling) feedback or move like the anatomical ankle, there are several options for patients with a right side lower extremity amputations:

  • Hand controls: Electric buttons or levers can be added to your steering wheel or steering column to enable operation of the car without using the gas and brake pedals with your feet. Hand controls work well for bilateral amputees.
  • Left Foot Accelerator: This device blocks the gas (accelerator) pedal on the right hand side and introduces a pedal on the left side. Portable versions can be easily removed to allow other drivers to operate the vehicle using the right accelerator. Typically the most cost effective option. We often recommend this portable left foot accelerator.

Some patients are able to drive manual vehicles and trucks, however automatic vehicles are recommended.

If there are specific activities, such as sports, swimming, running or dancing, that you wish to participate in, let your P&O Care our practitioner know! We have three locations to serve you best.