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Relationships are at the core of P&O Care’s philosophy.

Whether you are just down the street or traveling to the other side of the globe, we invite you to connect and engage with the larger P&O Care Family through our online communities.


The P&O Care team also wants to see how you are living your best life every day. Please feel free to post and share your journey, accomplishments, and endeavors – if it’s only taking a few steps without assistance or running a full 5k marathon,

We want to see you meeting your goals!

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Online Support Communities

Amputees Helping Amputees2020-06-01T15:35:15-06:00

A social support group for Amputees and their family and or friends, created to allow people to meet and ask questions, offer helpful tips and encourage each other.

Amputee Help & Support Line2020-06-01T15:35:35-06:00

This group is not ONLY a support group perse, but a help line for all and any Prosthetic related questions. We welcome Amputees, family members, caregivers, physical therapists, nurses, prosthetists and billing specialists.

Amputee Coalition2020-06-01T15:35:55-06:00

Our mission is to reach out to and empower people affected by limb loss to achieve their full potential through education, support and advocacy and to promote limb loss prevention.

St. Louis Amputee Peer Society2020-06-01T15:36:14-06:00

Our mission is to provide amputees support, encouragement, and resources in a social setting, by promoting communication between new and long-time amputees.

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