We don’t believe in shortcuts and neither should you.

When it comes to your mobility and comfort, a solution needs to be customized to fit and support you, and not just any generic “off-the-shelf” product.

Each of our three locations houses a state-of-the-art fabrication lab, in which our trained and certified technicians fabricate or adjust each orthosis (brace) and prosthesis (artificial limb) by hand.

Because our staff is involved in the full process of developing your solution, we can dedicate the highest level of attention to detail.

Benefits of in-house fabrication:

  1. Fast Turnaround Time
  2. Reduced Errors
  3. Easy Adjustments or Changes
  4. Superior Quality Fabrication
  5. Optimum Fit, Comfort and Satisfaction
  6. Practitioner Oversight of the Entire Process
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Hand Casting

We adhere to the foundation of the prosthetic field, hand plaster casting, as opposed to scanning simple measurements or fiberglass casting to achieve the best fit for you. Hand casting also allows the patient to give the practitioner feedback during the casting procedure to ensure the best fit is achieved.

While there have been recent advancements in computer aided casting techniques (also known as CAD CAM), we have found the best outcomes are a result of direct hands-on interaction and casting.

We believe that no computer can match the expertise and skilled hands of our prosthetists.

P&O Care custom fabrication hand casting
P&O Care custom socket fabrication

Socket Customization

Make your prosthesis a representation of who you are or what you love.

Do you support a specific sports team? Or do you love all things camo or glitter? Virtually any fabric can be directly incorporated into the rigid frame or socket.

You can also choose a simple pigmented color to blend with your skin tone.

Casting Process

Prior to casting, your prosthetist will make special markings on the casting sock to determine where you can and cannot tolerate pressure, much like a “blueprint” to help create your customized prosthesis.

Prosthetic Limb Impression Techniques

HOW IT’S DONE 3-4 circumference measurements of the limb taken with a tap measure Limb is scanned with a wand, converted to a digital file and sent to computer software Rolls of fiberglass wrapped around limb, cast removed once hardened Rolls of plaster wrapped around limb, practitioner uses precise/strategic hand placements depicting pressure points and sensitive areas based on patient feedback. Cast removed once hardened.
SPECIAL TECHNIQUES None None None Cast can be taken under vacuum as plaster hardens for very intimate fit (see video above)
(How it’s turned into the shape of a prosthesis)
Measurements Mathematical Algorithms by 3rd Party Computer Software Central Fabrication (3rd Party) or In house Fabrication rarely) In House: Practitioner hand carves positive plaster mold
FABRICATION Central Fabrication (3rd Party) Central Fabrication (3rd Party) or 3DCarver Central Fabrication (3rd Party) In house Fabrication
(Can patient tell practitioner sensitive areas/pressure points during casting?)
Not applicable Not Applicable Little. Fiberglass hardens very quickly (in about 3 minutes), leaving little time for patient feedback Yes. Plaster hardens slower than fiberglass and allows practitioner to mold and shape the cast around the patient’s limb. The patient can provide feedback to practitioner until cast hardens, about 15 minutes
CUSTOM Least custom fit Moderately custom fit Moderately custom fit Most intimate, custom fit
SUCCESS RATE Very Low, many adjustments needed Low, many adjustments needed Moderate, many adjustments needed Very High, few adjustments needed
TIME INVOLVED Less than 2 minutes Less than 3 minutes Less than 5 minutes More than 45 minutes
EXPERTISE NEEDED Little/No Experience  Little/No Experience Moderate Experience Highest Level of Experience

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