We believe that everyone deserves to live a healthy, happy and comfortable life, regardless of physical disability or limitations.

Through providing innovative prosthetic and orthotic services customized to meet your needs, our team’s goal is to restore your mobility and facilitate the lifestyle you want.

physician adjusting a patients lower leg prosthetic

Personalized Care

Our extensive experience, compassion and dedication to improving your mobility distinguishes us from other providers.

P&O Care patient with positive testimonial

Positive Outcomes

Our practitioners focus on developing custom care plans to provide you with the most positive outcomes for your lifestyle and help you return to the life you love.

P&O practitioner adjusting patients arm prosthetic

Relationships That Matter

We believe working together starts with building a relationship with someone you trust, someone that comforts, empowers and challenges you to reach your goals.

We’re here to help.

Our practitioners are experts in upper and lower extremity care. Whether you’re faced with limb loss, experience decreased mobility, or are advocating for a patient, P&O Care Ottobock.care’s team of seasoned professionals are committed to providing innovative and custom orthotic and prosthetic solutions.

P&O Care Ottobock.care Services


Thank you very much for making me see that having an amputation is not the end of my life.


P&O Care gave me my mobility back and I can dance with my daughter!


I will always go to P&O Care. Friendly, courteous and very considerate.